Explore Paphos

Explore Paphos

Explore Paphos

Paphos, the mythological birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite is a coastal town in southwest Cyprus, present in the list of UNESCO's world heritage sites this ancient town with it's enchanting coastline and snuggling closeness to Troodos Mountains is a dream destination for the tourists. The many open air restaurants along the sparkling sea coastline offers fresh sea food or you could take a trip to the antiquated tombs, mosaic floors, remains of palaces and forts, Paphos has plethora of offerings for all.

Considered to be the most amazing and scenic destination in Cyprus, Paphos enjoys lovely Mediterranean weather which makes it a tourist's paradise at any time of the year. Paphos city is divided into two main regions, Kato Paphos is the area that is developed surrounding the medieval port and houses many spectacular coastal resorts is the main entertainment hub of the city, the second part of the city which is used by the locals for the residence is known as Pano Paphos.

Each monument in Paphos has a story to tell, if you love history and have that inquisitive streak, then Paphos will surely suit your taste buds. Start the journey of this exciting destination by exploring Paphos castle, a Byzantine fort that is located near the sea harbour, destroyed and built many times it has served numerous purposes. Constructed originally to protect the beautiful harbour, this fort has also served as a prison and a storehouse for storing salt during the time of British rule, every year in September an annual open air cultural festival is held with Paphos castle as its backdrop.

Lusignan Fort situated very close to the submerged old port also has it's own story to tell, built in the 13th century this fort was destroyed by the Venetians and it was later restored and repaired by the Turks in 15th century, the fort can be visited during the morning hours on weekdays and is opened throughout the day for visitors on the weekends. Next important destination in the palette of history is the Tombs of the kings which were constructed in the fourth century BC.

Crafted from solid rock these chambers with embellishments, fresco paintings and Doric pillars are an impressive burial site for the deceased aristocrats and not actually for burying the rulers, but the sheer magnificence of this place gives it it's name, another must visit is the House of Dionysus which is the house of excellent mosaic pavements, accidentally discovered by farmers these mosaic floors depict scenes from Greek mythology, the original colour of the limestone is still preserved in the mosaic floorings in these classic villas which were constructed between 3rd and 5th century BC.

To enjoy more ancient Greek architecture visit the ruins of Byzantine styled Frankish Bath in Agiou Agapitikou Street, only a few remains of this ancient 7th century structure can now be seen but it is still considered to be an archaeological marvel. Paphos also has the imposing structure of the St Paul Pillar which was once the famous gothic church that was destroyed in 16th century, the governor of Paphos tied St Paul to this pillar and brutally lashed him, you can see the ancient pillar and the ruins of the beautiful church.

Paphos, the name itself is synonymous to beauty and love because of it's association with the goddess Aphrodite, a befitting tribute to any couple in love would be a visit to rock of Aphrodite, which is located few miles away from the city. Legends believe this mesmerizing spot to be the place from which the goddesses of beauty and love Aphrodite rose, very close to this location you can find Aphrodite Hill, one of the five most luxurious resorts present in the world today, this resort boasts of world class amenities like an 18 holes golf course, tennis courts, holiday villas, spas and fitness facilities.

Paphos besides satisfying the cravings of nature lovers and historians has lots in store for the young crowds, various night clubs, bars and open air restaurants overlooking the ancient sea harbour in the Kato Paphos attracts everyone, from karaoke to enjoying lovely cocktails, this place is surely capable of providing entertainment to all. Also a visit to the sandy beach at Coral Bay is a must visit for any tourists. Paphos with it's artistic charm and beauty is heaven for art fans, if you are an ardent art lover then plan a visit to Lempa village which have become home to thousands of artists who have opened up their art studios there to display their crafts. This village is also famous for the structure of Great Wall of Lempa by artist Stass Paraskos, the famous Cyprus college of Art which is Alma Marta and its many budding artists and talents is also located in this village.

Paphos city is also a place for the sports lovers, Pafikako the local stadium hosts a number of volley ball, basket ball and football games. This city is also the home to 1964 Boston marathon champion Stylianos Kyriakides. Paphos is open to visitors throughout the year but is quite busy with visitors from June to the end of October, during these seasons it's always better to get your booking done in advance. While visiting Paphos it is always better to book yourself a rental car in advance which will be waiting for you at the airport though Paphos is a small town with a total population not exceeding 45000 it has an international airport to boast off which is well connected by all European airlines, in Paphos there are lots of good hotels available in Kato Paphos.

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