Getting Around Paphos

Getting Around Paphos

Getting Around Paphos

The urban bus transportation service is quite good and connects the various sections of the town, located in Ktima on the corner of Athinas and Thermopylon Street, other travel alternatives include taxi's, ferries or car hire.

Getting Around Paphos By Sea

Paphos has a small port which has a capacity of about 300 boats, this port mainly serves as a marina and a shelter for fishermen. Limassol port lies around 60 kilometers away from Paphos and is the major port serving all the cargo and cruise liners a new marina and port is being planned just 10 kilometers away from the old port with an enhanced capacity to handle about 1000 boats. This lovely sea harbour is a favoured tourist destination with the scenic view of the sparkling clear water of the Mediterranean and a number of open air restaurants offering fresh sea food, this port also houses a number of night clubs, bars and discos which are frequented by locals and tourists alike, this port is one of the major tourist attractions throughout the year.

Getting Around Paphos By Bus or Taxi

Paphos was once a virtually traffic free town, though with the growing urbanization has become more crowded, the public transport network is cheap and efficient taking you through all the places of tourist importance. The public bus service is locally known as Astika Leoforia Pafou which means Paphos Urban Buses. The main bus stops are located at the corners of Thermopylon and Athinas, so if you are in a large group you can take advantage of this reliable Paphos Bus Service. An alternative way to travel around Paphos is by Taxi, there are both registered and unregistered taxi operators available in Paphos, unregistered Taxis works out to be cheaper but before booking a taxi negotiate on the fare and make sure that the Taxi would not be used for sharing.

Getting Around Paphos By Bicycle

The most of the major tourist attractions in Paphos are located in the heart of the city and are at a close proximity of each other, bicycles are available for rent, providing you with good exercise and you also get a chance to explore the city at your own leisure without being bounded by the guided bus tours. You can cycle around the sea promenade enjoying the sights and also picking up local souvenirs from the numerous shops surrounding the harbour. Cycling is a great way to visit famous landmarks like the Tomb of the kings and the famous ancient mosaic floorings which are well worth seeing, what's more it's a much cheaper way to travel around Paphos.

Renting a Hire Car in Paphos

If your planning to rent a car while your in Paphos then it's recommended that you rent a car online or from one of the numerous local agencies, Rent a car will pick you up straight from the airport and drop you to your holiday destination. If you are unable to book a car online don't worry there are international car agencies like Hertz and Eurocar who have their offices and representative located right at the airport which helps you in picking up the car on entering the city and deposit it back on your return. Most cars are come with GPS system so you can negotiate your way through the narrow streets of the Paphos locating all the major attractions, so enjoy the treasures of this town at your own pace by renting a car.

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