Paphos Beaches

Paphos Beaches

Paphos Beaches

If one of your reasons for visiting Paphos is because of it's beaches, then you won't be disappointed with some of the following beaches, including Ladies Mile Beach, Arnica Beach, Pioneer Beach, paphos beach, Pissouri, Coral Bay.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a long sandy beach which provides safe access to sun bathers and surfers, besides sun bathing the adventurous type could also try scuba diving and other water sports, what's more is close to a lot of trendy restaurants right across from the beach. Coral Bay has plenty of luxury cruises to enjoy, in fact Coral bay offers lot's of activities for tourists, you can buy a guidebook or join one of the many walking groups to explore the hidden beaches and alcoves surrounding Coral Bay.


Latchi is a small town situated on the North West side of Paphos, the town is surrounded by calm beaches which offer solitude to tourists. The beaches in Latchi are good for relaxation, though there are few water sports to engage active minds, the coast is lined by shops selling souvenirs, bars and restaurants, the most visited place in Latchi apart from the beaches is the "bath of Aphrodite, it is believed that Aphrodite i.e. the goddess of love used to take a bath here with her lovers before she got married to king Akamas.The connectivity with Paphos town is very good with lots of local buses and private taxis available conveniently, Latchi beaches are ideal for people seeking solitude, the town has numerous hotels for tourists who would like to enjoy the scenic town in peace.


Pissouri lies midway between Lissamol and Paphos, in this beautiful friendly village and unspoilt beach is an ideal holiday destination, during summers the beach is bustling with water sports activities like paragliding, water skiing, jet skiing, and many more activities. The best part about Pissouri town is that most of the natives speak English, close to the beach is Aphrodite's temple, the beach is lined by taverns, restaurants and bars which offer the best of local food and drink, Pissouri town is ideal for people who want to experience the Cypriot lifestyle.

Pioneer Beach

The ancient town of Paphos is the capital of Cyprus which boasts of beautiful beaches and historic monuments of British architecture, there are lot's of beaches near Paphos town and one of the most visited beaches is the pioneer beach, the beach with clear golden sand and crystal blue water is a breath taking sight and is lined with lounge chairs and tourists enjoy long walks and water sports on this beach.

There is a famous pioneer beach resort which is an ideal location to stay, there are bars and restaurants along the beach which offer a taste of Cyprus wines and cocktails and amazing sea food. There are lots of handicraft stores in Paphos which show case local laces and potteries, Cyprus laces are famous all over the world and Paphos is an ideal place to shop, there are other hotels too in Cyprus which provide decent bed and breakfasts.

Larnaca Beach

Driving down from Paphos along the coastal bay you will end up in the scenic town of Larnaca with a great view of the Mediterranean this beach is a favourite destination for yachtsmen, there are various water sports like banana boat ride, parasailing, paragliding, and paddle boat, scooter ride etc which can be enjoyed on this beach. The beach is crowded with palm trees and there are various taverns and bars located along the beach, there are few good resorts at the beach ideal for a good and luxurious stay. The town also has few good restaurants and hotels offering economical stay and food and is ideal for enjoying local Cypriot food, the beach is always bustling with activities and offers good night life.

Ladies Mile Beach

Ladies mile beach is situated in Lissamol which is approximately 50 minutes away from Paphos, Ladies mile beach is a solitary beach with clear water and ideal for wind surfing as the water is very shallow. The beach is very child friendly because of the sea not being very deep, there are lot's of other water sports which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

The Ladies mile beach stretches for miles and you can go for long walks enjoying the blue crystal clear water on one side and the green scenery on the other side, the beach is a 15 minutes drive from the town, the best time to visit the beach would be in September when carnivals and wine festivals can be enjoyed. And when the noise gets too much then one can always escape to the solitude and peace of the ladies mile beach.

Polis Beach

This unspoilt beach is located 35 kms away from Paphos in the quiet town of Polis, Polis is a rural town where hustle and bustle of the town can only be felt around the market square. Polis beach is a pebbly beach surrounded by mountains and valleys, the beach is ideal for long walks as the coast stretches for miles.

There are lots of sports activities like water ski and wind surf to involve restless minds, polis town has lot's of restaurants which offer amazing local delicacies like mezes, another sight seeing place around the beach would be the Akamas peninsula as it is a nature reserve, Polis has lots of bars and restaurants along the beach coast which is lined by palm trees and is ideal for a quiet vacation.

Petra Tou Romiou

This a spectacular beach with breathtaking views, this golden stretch of sandy coast is surrounded by large rocks, it is rumoured that the Greek goddess of love goddess Aphrodite rose from the foam of wave here. This place is a great inspiration for artists and poets, the beach has two large rocks which can't be missed, these rocks are called Petra tou romiou, i.e. the "Rock of Greek" the rock is supposed to be thrown by the Byzantium warrior, Digenis Akritas who was trying to protect the island from Arab pirates. The name of the beach is hence inspired by the rocks, Petra Tou Romiou is an ideal location for long walks and solitude, tourists out for honeymoon or solitude should definitely visit this place.

Yiannakis Beach

Latchi is close to Paphos and boasts of this amazing beach called the Yiannakis beach, to reach this beach you have to take the route leading to the monumental bath of Aphrodite. This beach with golden sands and tiny golden pebbles looks very vast and is an ideal beach for long walks and cozy evenings. The restaurants and bars lining the beach offer an array of mouth watering food and drinks, the town of Latchi has various resorts which offer beautiful views of the bay, the transportation of the town is very well established and you can use local buses which are at regular intervals or you can even hire taxis, close to the beach is the Akamas peninsula situated on the west side, on the eastern side of the beach is the Pomos point.

Governor's Beach

This beach was named after an English governor who went to take bath in the clear blue waters of this beach enjoying the view of the mighty Troodos Mountain. Governor's beach is located on the eastern coast of Lissamol, the beach is around 50 minutes away from the Paphos town. It is a pebbly beach has a number of restaurants at the beach which offer great views as well as good food, Governor's beach is ideal for snorkeling, wind surfing, fishing and boating. The beautiful views and solitude makes the beach an ideal tourist destination with lot of sight seeing places like the ancient curium theatre, Lissamol castle and the medieval kollosi castle situated in Lissamol town.

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