Paphos Holiday Rentals

Paphos Holiday Rentals

Paphos Holiday Rentals

Many people have holiday rental apartments available to rent with pools and stunning views.

These properties have been purchased by owners and vary in quality and facilities. We have provided some advise and information on selection of a good holiday property.

Paphos Apartments & Villas - Don't get confused!

Apartments and the selection of apartments in Paphos, or Pafos as it is called can be very confusing, especially as the number that have been built over the last 10 years has accelerated substantially. One quick search on Google will reveal many hundreds of apartments and villas for rent, from hundreds of websites and the levels of information available and the booking opportunities quite diverse, to say the least!

Paphos Villas and Apartment Selection

We have provided below a number of check list points that you may wish to address when selecting an apartment or villa in Paphos. Clearly you need to know the basics, such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, use of pool, distance to town etc, but there are many other less obvious points...

  • Company with whom you're booking - Does it have sufficient financial resources to compensate you if you have complaints or the owner has issues!
  • Are you confident you have enough information on the property. How to get there, bedding, air conditioning, cleaning, hidden costs etc
  • Are there 24 hour numbers available to call incase of problems.

Paphos Villas & Apartments - What to look for

The various elements that go to make up a happy holiday are often the extras that make for the unexpected and also show the attention to detail! We have shown a few revealing things below that show an owner or management company cares. if they care then should problems arise they may well sort them quickly and painlessly:

  • XBox or Playstation availability: If for any reason the weather is bad, somebody is sick or the parents simply want a quiet few hours, a games station may well prove invaluable.
  • Book library. Second hand books are often a treasure trove and avoid extra expense. You may also have lost of forgotten your books!
  • Video library. Sun burnt? Lie on the bed and relax and watch an old video.
  • Air conditioning. Expensive but what a wonderful thing on sweltering days!
  • On the photos of the place, see if there are pictures on the walls, attention to detail again shows the owner cares!
  • Kitchen extras: Coffee machine, blender and all those things that you may need for that celebratory meal!
  • TV's are a given, but are they flat screen, do they have Blue Ray DVD, how many are there. Is there SKY or digital?
  • Umbrellas and all the other small touches to make your stay that extra little bit more comfortable

The Management Company

Nearly all owners leave the management to a company or individuals. In Cyprus the company needs to be licensed and to be sure of continuity should ideally have a critical mass sufficient to meet and eventuality. Nobody says big is good and often it can lend impersonal care. we do suggest you review the management company online or ask a few questions of the booking agency or owner about this. You may want clean sheets, change your arrival time, need the AC fixing etc and this means phone numbers, common sense and action!


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