Towns & Villages

Towns & Villages

Towns & Villages

There are lot's of beautiful towns & villages in the Paphos area, including Kallepia, Nata, Koloni, Letympou, Tsada, Emba, Mesa Chorio, Mesogi, Armou and Anavargos are all worth visiting if your looking to make the most of your holiday in Paphos.


Kallepia is a village built at 500m above sea level and is located 13 km northeast of Paphos, Kallepia is famous for it's beautiful locale, a fascinating feature of Kallepia is the stone built houses amazing architecture. This is also seen in beautiful craftsmanship, with beautifully created pitchers, clay pots and especially the marble rocks at the Monastery of the Holy Cross, the Old Church of Ayios Georgios is a famous tourist attraction and is surrounded with plantations and vineyards, it is quite a nostalgic village, Kallepia is known for artwork and regular exhibitions.


Nata is a village which is located 10 miles from Paphos and is easily accessible from the airport, Nata is a quiet, peaceful countryside village, it is an ideal tourist spot for those who are on a vacation, the peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating ambience makes it an apt place. Nata is a favourite tourist destination with many foreigners choosing to finally settle down here, Nata also has a mythological story, the village is said to be the place where Aphrodite and Adonis fell in love, this is a must visit place near Paphos.


Koloni is a very quiet village located about 5km to the east of Paphos seafront and is easily accessible from Paphos International Airport, Geroskipou is one of the bigger villages and is located 2km away and acts as the main place for general foods and other needs of the village. The fields and lanes to the sea and beaches offer picturesque ambience for a refreshing stroll that has Hand thrown red pots called pitharia, which is a very famous product from this village. Take is as a souvenir of visit here.


Letytmpou is a small village which lies 12 km from Paphos, the village is famous for it's churches, the most famous church is Agios Kyrikos which dates back to the 15th century and still has preserved paintings on it's walls. The town is also famous as a tourist spot, here you will find a restored fountain and Heroes Monument which is located in the village square, the village offers picturesque mountain views, Letympou's quarry produces beautiful marble slabs used as flooring material in many of the local houses.


Tsadha is a village which is only 10 minutes away from the Paphos city centre, Tsadha is located at the top of a hill, local supermarkets cater to all shopping needs. The local restaurant or traditional tavernas are very famous for it's food where international and Cypriot cuisine is served, the Tsadha coffee shop is a famous coffee shop which attracts many regular visitors for a hot cup of refreshing coffee. The local fire water or zivania is famous for the village wine, Hospitality and friendliness are the virtues of the local people that helps to make tourists feel at home.


Emba is a Greek village which lies 135m above sea level and is 4km north of Paphos city, the village dates back to the Byzantine era, the village played an important role during the early ruling periods from Cyprus's many rulers. Emba acts as an entrance to Paphos and seems to have got the name Emba which in Cyprus language means enter, the village has an ancient church of the Virgin Mary which is a famous tourist spot and attracts thousands of visitors, with the main attraction being the wall paintings inside the church.

Mesa Chorio

Mesa Chorio is a small traditional village which is located 3km north east of Paphos harbour, Mesa Chorio is a typical Cypriotic village embedded with tradition and a tranquilizing ambience much to the refreshment of it's tourists. This is one of the best rural settings for relaxing. Mesa Chorio has some of the best buildings exemplified with architectural brilliance, it is also one of the best places to view beautiful surroundings, extending from Paphos airport to the Sea Caves.


Mesogi is a small village which is very near to Paphos and is only a five minutes drive, Mesogi is a self sufficient village with all it's basic amenities and services. The village is very famous for it's scenic and beautiful surroundings and gives excellent views of Paphos and other surrounding areas along the coastline. Mesogi is also very famous for it's craftsmanship, especially for the bamboo baskets which has been traditionally produced by the women of the village.


Armou village is 11km north east of Paphos, villagers have easy access to Paphos, Armou is located on a hill top thus a location from where panoramic views can be seen. Armou displays the true spirit of Cyprus with it's abundant flora and fauna and is devoid of all types of hustle and bustle, Armou's quiet ambience makes it an ideal location for a refreshing vacation.


Anavargos is a residential village near Paphos, Anavargos is a place which mixes both rural as well as urban life, Anavargos is a village well equipped with all amenities necessary for day to day life, visitors will find the locals to be extremely friendly and known for their hospitality, local food like 'meze' is very famous among flocking tourists for its appetizing taste, also while your in the area you must visit the Akamas National Park which is famous for its unspoilt natural beauty.


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